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 Online Registration Process

Our online registration process has been created to allow parents/guardians to register their students at their own convenience and is designed to retain all of your student/family information to save you time for future registrations.  If you do not have access to a computer, please contact your child's home residence school for assistance.  Once you have completed the registration process for one year, the majority of the information you have added will be visible for each following year.  MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE DATES TO MATCH THE DATE YOU ARE APPROVING SPECIFIC PERMISSIONS, QUESTIONS, OR DATA FIELDS.

Special Note: If you believe that your child would be eligible to be a TK student, register your child as a Kindergarten student and then submit the form available by clicking here or going to https://tinyurl.com/tkinterestform23.

Returning Families: (Returning Family definition: "You currently have or have had a student enrolled at Western Dubuque Schools no matter how long ago it has been.")  
Make sure you use your Portal account to access the online registration.  If you do not have a Portal account or have forgotten your password, send Mary Boge an email requesting your password at [email protected].  
 To access your Portal account (Returning Families):
1. Using the Chrome browser, go to the Western Dubuque CSD home page.  NOTE: You should complete the registration process using a computer; not a cell phone.           http://www.wdbqschools.org/ 
2.  Click the Portal button that is located under the slideshow banner.                       Portal Icon
3. Click on Campus Parent and then enter your Parent Username and Password.  Click Log In.  (If you do not have a Parent Portal account, contact [email protected] or [email protected] to have an account created for you.)
Sign In Choices 
Parent Login Info 
4. If you arrive at a window that looks similar to the window at the right, click the "hamburger icon" in the upper left corner to expand the window and show a gray navigation window on the left side of the window.
5. Click More.
                Click More Graphic
6. Click Online Registration.
    Online Registration Link Graphic
7. Look for the Upcoming School Year field and click Start (or Continue if you have already started the 2023-2024 registration process).  (Image at right has been split to improve clarity.)  NOTE: THIS PROCESS IS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO ARE A RETURNING FAMILY FROM ANY TIME IN THE PAST.
8. Make sure the names of the students residing at your address are included in the window that appears. If there are students listed who no longer live at your residence, please contact Mary Boge at [email protected]. Any student listed in your account for whom you are not the Primary Care Provider, will appear as a no in the INCLUDED IN THE NEW APP? column.  Contact Mary Boge ([email protected]) if this information is not accurate.  You cannot register a student for whom you are not the legal Primary Care Provider.
If all information is accurate, click Begin Registration.
9. Continue with the registration process.  To ensure that your information is being saved as you move from pleat to pleat (sections), click the Save/Continue button at the bottom of each tab often as you work even if you have not finished entering information.
                Save and Continue Button

10.If you do not complete the registration process, YOUR CHILD WILL NOT BE ENROLLED.  You MUST click the red, "Submit Your Application" button and then click the "Confirm" button.  

11.It is important that you wait for the "Thank you for completing..." window or your application may not have been submitted.  This may take a minute or longer to appear on your screen.

 Red Submit Button
Confirm Button 



New Families: (New Family definition: "You DO NOT have a student currently enrolled and have NEVER had a student enrolled at Western Dubuque Schools. DO NOT use the below link if you have or have ever had a student who has attended Western Dubuque Schools.") 

If you are registering to begin THIS school year, click next to the 2022-2023 (Current School Year) (NEW Family to District) option.  Then, click the Next button.

If you are registering to begin NEXT school year, click next to the 2023-2024 (Next School Year) (NEW Family to District) option.  Then, click the Next button.

Enter the required information in the form that is displayed. Make sure you select No from the drop-down menu when asked if you have had a student who has attended WDCSD in the past. Then, click Begin Registration.

After you log in to your email account, you will see that you have a message (something like below) from 365admin:

      Email Message OLR 

When you open that email message, read the message and then click on the link at the bottom of the message.  This link is unique to your NEW student registration.  Do not share it.  Continue using this link to access your NEW student registration until you have Submitted your registration.  Once you have submitted your registration, you are now an Existing Family and will use that button or option in the future.

      Email Window Link 

Complete the information you will now see for the rest of the registration process.  Make sure you are clicking the SAVE button or link at the bottom of each page even if you have not completed the page.  This saves the information you have added so you do not need to start over and you will be able to resume your registration in close to the same place you left off.


Preschool & New Student Registration
There are changes involving the Preschool registration process beginning in January and February.  Please visit https://www.wdbqschools.org/EarlyChildhood.aspx for information about the changes and registration process.


(There are preschool class size maximums so register early.)

If you are interested in a tour, call and schedule an appointment with your home residence school.

Preschool and Kindergarten Programs: 

Preschool (4-yr Olds)

  • Children must be 4 years of age on or before September 15.
  • We offer a FREE 3-day Preschool program (Mon. - Wed.).
  • We also offer a 4-day Preschool program (Mon. - Thurs.) for a minimal tuition fee for the fourth day. 
  • Children must be 4 years of age on or before September 15.

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)

Kindergarten (5-yr Olds)

  • Children must be 5 years of age, or older, on or before September 15.
  • Our Kindergarten program is all day, every day.
  • Children must be 5 years of age, or older, on or before September 15.

New 1st-12th Grade Students
Please contact the school principal. 


Cascade Elementary

 Dyersville Elementary 

 Epworth Elementary 

 Farley Elementary 

 Peosta Elementary 

 Drexler Middle School 

 Cascade Jr./Sr. High 

 Western Dubuque High 


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